The ACA/AAC (Action for Artistic Creativity) IAA/AIAP (UNESCO) is organizing activities to celebrate the World Art Day on 15th of April this year for the first time in Mauritius.
2 activities will be organised on that day : Sand sculpture, drawing & painting demonstration.
The venue is at Belle Mare Public Beach near Four la Chaux as from 9a.m to 17hrs.

30 local artists will participate in this activity. Some of them are: Dev Chooramun, Deepa Bauhadoor, Lalldhan Seechurn,Kalindi Jundoosing, Dev Reetoo, Shrad Patten, Vynaud Dausoa, Dhyaneswar Dausoa, Prema Dhunnoo, Sabeer Bahadoor, Maya Chummun, Arvin Ombika, Joelle Rosalie, Sharmeen Mandary,Valerie Medard, Som Bungoraz, Gianeswar Sumessur, David Sang Mankin, Kavinash Thomoo,Ritesh Goburdhun, Geeta Chiniah,Gilbert Marimootoo, Sylvio De La Peyre, Veerajkumar Kaneeram, Kiran Ramruttun and many others will join.

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